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  • • I would like to know if you have (In Stock The Jordan 13 Black/Yellow Style ID # 74821 in men US Size 10 ?) If you please Email me back.
    Reply:Yes, It's in stock.
  • • Scarpe Air Jordan Captain America blu / rosso / bianco Il numero 46 disponibile Grazie
    Reply:Sorry, Air Jordan Captain America out of stock now.
  • • so my question is after the second day will i receive my tracking number for my package but what if i dont get my tracking number tomorrow should i contact you guys or wait.
    Reply:Thanks for your order, we will take 1-2 days process your order, after which we will shipping your order. keep in touch. we will email the package tracking number after shipping.
  • • I recently ordered some shoes from you guys but forgot my tracking number and I wanted to know are my 3 pair of shoes still getting shipped !.
    Reply:We have re-send tracking number. Your order has arrived post office at your location, The post office will soon send the shoes to your residence.
  • • Will you guys have any size 16 in the Jordan 11s soon? Just wondering because if its 92$ and you have 16 in the white/black or the black/red I will get
    Reply:The Jordan 11s White/black or black/red max size is 15, no US size 16.
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